Wenlock Team of Parishes


church viewDedicated to St Peter because of its mediaeval associations with the Abbey of St Peter in Shrewsbury, the building dates primarily from the13th century. In the 19th century parts were rebuilt in response to the great Anglo Catholic revival.

 The Churchwarden is Ann Cooke (01952 51038)

“COUND 800”

In 2016 Cound Church celebrates an amazing  800 years of Ministry at the church.  1216 is the first date recorded on the list of vicars by the font, and the church has been in continuous use ever since.

Cound has been featuring a series of walks, open gardens, concert, etc,  throughout the year, celebrating those 800 years, and raising awareness of this beautiful church in our parish.  The autumn events are detailed as follows,  and we hope that everyone will  enjoy following and supporting them.